You are a human being. Take care of yourself and your fellow human beings!

Dear reader,

it is my firm conviction that we could already live in a significantly more human world.
I was born in December 1962 in the city of Schweinfurt/Northern Bavaria. I come from a family with three children.

I am a human rights activist and author with heart and soul. I did not study at a university, nor do I belong to a political party. My education is mainly based on self-taught learning processes. With the support of like-minded people, I am engaged in a thoughtful and persistent way for much more humanity.

My basic attitude is constantly strengthened by the realisation that we humans come into this world with wonderful characteristics by nature. However, a large majority of us are always suppressed in one way or another. And the current social situation is almost unique in the history of mankind. Scepticism is very much in order – and persistent questioning is existential!

In 2001, I deliberately sat down at my desk for the first time to start writing my first manuscript. Through writing, I was able to better bundle my extensive observations, thoughts and experiences and analyse them in terms of humanity – this in turn led me to found our association …mensch bleib Mensch!

I cam to my current level of knowledge because I use my autodidactic skills accordingly. This has enabled me to more consciously question and conscientiously analyse our natural basic needs (at least 12), their existential significance as well as important, socio-political contexts and decisions for more than 20 years.

In addition, I have had many conversations with countless citizens in various places – which I still do. Also during my professional career, people colleagues, have always been at the centre of my attention.

In 1991, I passed the examination to become a restaurant master at the hotel management school in Bad Reichenhall. The previous training as a restaurant specialist in Bad Kissingen was followed by professional stations in Bern and Rottach-Egern. Afterwards, I worked fas a manager in other hotels, e. g. in Würzburg, Braunlage, Darmstadt and Mannheim.

While working in this profession, I conducted both professional and personal development training for my colleagues.


For a long time now, we citizens have been living
in an illusionnary world.

It is high time for most citizens to finally give up the illusoins and realise what is actually going on
in this world!