Nobody is a stranger
until we treat them
as a stranger.



Conscious, mutual attention to our basic needs is one oft the keys to a much more human world.


By nature, every human being has the desire to live and expand his or her natural strengths.

We need a benevolent enviro- nment to be able to unfold our creativity.
If we are deprived of such an envi- ronment, this special source within us gradually dries up. It is therefore very important to always make sure that our potential for development is not restricted, and of course this apllies equally to all other basic needs.

The difference between a need
and a basic need:

A need can be arbitrary, e. g. wanting the latest mobile phone, the latest TV or a faster car.

Our basic needs, on the other hand, are not arbitrary – we carry them within us from birth. They from an essential part of the human, natural characteristics and thus influence our existence. Everything we do an experience is directly related to them.

  • nourishment

  • sleep

  • curiosity

  • the need to communicate
    the natural desire to communicate

  • affection
    in all areas of life

  • feeling of security
    in all areas of life

  • recognition
    in all areas of life

  • harmony
    in all areas of life

  • freedom of speech
    the natural desire to express a useful opinion

  • sexuality

  • reproduction
    the natural desire to preserve the human species

  • creativity
    the natural desire for mental advancement, to acquire skills, to live them and to expand them

Dort, wo Grundbedürfnisse nicht beachtet werden, entsteht Unzufriedenheit – dies gilt für alle Lebensbereiche.

Unzufriedenheit – besonders anhaltende – lässt uns Menschen ermüden, blockiert unsere Grundmotivation, kann uns krank machen und lässt auch Wut oder gar Gewaltbereitschaft in uns entstehen.