Anyone who is afraid or inhibited
to talk openly about humanity
is already somewhat dehumanised.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way – because everyone can push such inhibitions aside!

What future awaits us?

Dear reader

I am a citizen, human rights activist, founder and author.
For years I have been well aware oft the important foundations on which a life of dignity is built.
That is why I am particularly urged now to make this binding appeal to all of you – your profession is secondary.

We are all, without exception, in the midst of a created, drastic emergency situation that carries with it the recognisable potential to cut off the majority of the human species from the things truly worth living on this earth.

What is a citizen without family and fellow human beings?

What would entrepreneurs be without employees and customers?

What kind of professional politicians would develop if there were no critical citizens?

Can a world be better than the one that is full of free-thinking, cheerful and life-affiming people?

What motivation should honest scientist have for their work if they had no citizens who need and also value their research?

Where has the eternal competitive thinking – whether on a small or large scale – led?

Millions and millions of citizens in the world are kept „small“ by perfidious mechanisms so that the perpetrators can look down on the defeated from an upper staircase. In the process, the supposed victors forget that it was and is the natural diversity of peoples that always enriches their existence.

Resentment and false pride, which develop, among other things, through injured self-esteem and a civic-distanced environment, cause concern, distress and suffering among fellow citizens.

Lack of empathy leads to distancing, exclusion,
poverty and violence!

We need real change – now, not someday!

Let us stand against the egocentric, society-destroying fantasies of certain circles of people who want to replace the inestimable value of our human nature with a completely absurd pseudo-science.

Especially in this context, it is of extraordinary importance to inform ourselves on several sides!
The strengthened monopoly of the world must give us all much to think about.

Those who want to push a majority of their fellow human beings „into a deep ravine“ should change their thinking immediately and not continue to fill their human moral emptiness with the misery and suffering of you fellow human beings!

The meaning of life is found
in the practical implementation of humanity.

Dear fellow citizens,
look your family members, neighbours, work colleagues, friends and other citizens in the face and realise that they too, just like you, carry their worries, joys, needs and hopes with them.

Recognise injustice where it really is,
and try not to see it where it is not.

Michael Johanni  15.12.2021
Human rights activist and author