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Every natural life has its purpose


We humans are by no means born to work above all else.
We come into this world to enrich it with our natural, human qualities and strengths, to create families, communities and societies whose culture is based on humanity.

As soon as we really take this valuable basis seriously, it develops into a unifying together- ness in which constraints are alien and mea- ningful activities are put into daily practice with joy.
And it is precisely this life that corresponds to our true purpose.

Written May 2024



It is not planet Earth that needs to be saved – the Earth can sustain itself.

Rather, it is the world’s population that needs to protect itself from anti-citizen interest groups!

Should we not consider wars and the production of weapons of war as a criminal violation of humanity?

How long should it take until the maiming and death of people through staged wars comes to an end?

Why do Chinese citizens believe that their country is progressive??
Progress is only possible where humanity comes first!

Those who are predominantly inclined in their lives to gain advantages by treacherous dishonesty are also always inclined to impute the same dishonesty to their fellow human beings.

We have to give up the spectator role. Instead, each of us should get involved in the spirit of humanity.

As soon as the majority of the popu- lation frees itself from the existing, systematic oppression, human nature will develop completely freely in its positive, grandiose naturalness, redu- cing hardship and suffering to a mini- mum.

As long a citizens need money to claim their rights, their humanity is aribi- trarily pushed aside in favour of a “system” that is already inherently characterless.

A divided people is a manipulable people.
A manipulated people does not really think for itself.
A people that does not think for itself can be pushed in any direction.

Those who believe that we citizens have enough freedom have long since become accustomed to unfreedom.

So far, most professional politicains are nothing more than privilege- oriented businessmen who wear the cloak of respectability with their office and dark suits.

As soon as one practices political thinking an action exclusively on the basis of truth and trust, it becomes easy to see that politics at all levels need not be complicated.

The true meaning of our lives is simply to make the journey of existence between birth and death as dignified as possible – and to do so in harmonny with our fellow human beings, the animals and all the other natural elements of our environment.

„Supporting structure“ – dignity

Human dignity is an important, natural part of our self.
It is a superordinate, firmly anchored, permanent process of consciousness, which is continously given tangible, existential substance by the elementary basic needs and their human-specific desires.
Our dignity thus becomes a mental, emotional “supporting structure” that forms a basis for all thought processes and behaviour.

Composed  2018

The fact that many of us were and are introduced to the presence of weapons in childhood – for example via toy weapons and computer games – is already “an act of perfidious mani- pulation”, and thus an abuse of childlike impartiality.

What kind of freedom can we talk about when people’s trust is abused with ingenious promises and adver- tising slogans in order to privilege “some groups” beyond measure?


To create a much more humane society, it is not enough for us citizens to simply work.
It is much more important what work we do and under what conditions we do it.


Wer Unwahrheit als Möglichkeit eines besseren Lebens ansieht, wird viel- leicht niemals erfahren, wie sich ein Dasein in Wahrheit anfühlt – und am Ende kann es sein, dass er sich fragt, ob er überhaupt gelebt hat.

Das tatsächliche Recht der freien Meinungsäußerung besteht erst dann, wenn das Suchen nach der Wahrheit und das Veröffentlichen von Fakten, die der Wahrheitsfindung dienen, nicht zur Ausgrenzung oder Bestra- fung derer führen, die wahrheits- suchend sind.

Immer dann, sobald Söhne oder Töchter in einen Krieg geschickt wer- den, wird diesen Familien die Freiheit entzogen, für ein Handeln gegen jede Vernunft.

Erkenne dort das Unrecht, wo es wirklich stattfindet, und versuche nicht dort eines zu sehen, wo keines ist.

Erstrebenswert ist die Charakterbil- dung, mit der wir unterscheiden kön- nen, wann das Schweigen und wann das Reden notwendig ist.

Konkurrenzdenken gegenüber seinen Mitmenschen ist nichts weiter als ein übergestülptes Gedankenmuster, das zu widersinnigem, unnatürlichem Ver- halten führen soll.

Wenn die Menschen den natürlichen Reichtum dieser Welt nicht menschlich sinnvoll teilen, müssen sie sich danach nicht wundern, dass die Welt in „Scherben“ liegt.

As long as the so-called “Establish- ment” – main responsible office hol- ders, some business representatives and further followers of these circles – is not even able to concretely formu- late a real vision of a humane, peaceful world, it will be controlled by alien, even bizarre world views!

It is like trampling a herd of buffaloes when the main officials – wherever they are in the world – constantly make new decisions to crush the humanity of the population.

Gerade in den letzten Jahrhunderten hat ein “Gesellschaftssystem” regelmäßig das vorhergehende abgelöst – und  jedes Mal mit den gleichen, bürgerbenachteiligen- den Auswirkungen.

Wir brauchen keine -Systeme-!
Wir brauchen eine menschliche Gemein- schaft!

Michael Johanni


Vorurteile gibt es wie Sand am Meer, mit dem Unterschied, dass Sand in der Regel keinen Schaden bei Menschen anrichtet.

Wenn wir Menschen der Natur nicht entsprechen, überholt sie uns, bevor wir ihr Geschenk – das Leben – überhaupt begreifen.

Folgendes müssen wir uns bewusst machen:

Ein Volk hat das natürliche Recht, sich als Einheit zu sehen und als Einheit zu leben.

Daraus ergibt sich, dass die Bürger des Volkes über alle relevanten Vorgänge, die eben das Volk betreffen, offen und kons- truktiv miteinander reden.

Und niemand darf das Recht haben, dies auf die eine oder andere Weise zu unterbinden!

Wo der Mensch bereits in seiner frühen Jugend auf Leistung getrimmt wird, bleibt die Entfaltung wichtiger, natür- licher Eigenschaften auf der Strecke.